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What is Commodity Trading?

Commodities are the group of tradable instruments including: metals, energy and food stock.

The market price of such instruments directly effects the cost of living. The cost of crude oil will effect the cost of filling a car with fuel. The market price of soybeans will effect the cost of food in the supermarket.

Commodity Trading pre-dates stocks and bonds trading, going back in history to ancient civilizations.

Today we have simple ways to trade commodities by using futures contracts and cfd's. These contracts do not require the physical delivery of a product.

Benefits of Commodity Trading


Flexible hours

Low initial investment

Easy Leverage

Liquid markets

Tight spreads

Colmore FX methodology

We believe to develop the best traders requires the best quality education. Therefore our distinguished team of commodity traders offer online and classroom based mentorship sessions, with 40+ years of experience trading Commodities, FX, Options, Futures, Indicies, and Stocks.

Every trader develops at their own pace and requires support and development of their skill set. Our structured course crafts the abilities in an individual to learn futures trading and generate consistent returns.

Gold Trader

Futures teaching environment

Learn Commodity Trading classrooms run weekly Online. Choose the Best Futures Trading Course for you

Commodity Trader


Classroom based courses in London UK

Commodity Trading Online


We offer a live online course, through virtual classrooms

Oil Trading


Mix onsite (classroom) and on-line courses to suit your availability

How To Trade Commodities

Live trading

We believe live trading sessions are a key component to learn Crude Oil and Gold cfd trading. We include mentor assisted live trading days as part of the course.

You will experience the full process and methodology of taking real positions in the market and learn how to trade commodities. This will give you invaluable insights into the way professional traders approach the market and is a great opportunity to ask more detailed questions in a live environment.

Colmore FX course structure

How To Trade Futures

Risk management

Risk reward fundamentals
Risk management

What Is Commodity Trading

Psychology of trading

Mental development
Personal evaluation
Personal growth

Futures Trading Strategies

Fundamental analysis

Economic Calendar
News Analysis
Broad Market Factors

Oil Investing

Technical analysis

Price action
Multiple time frames
Support & Resistance
Top down analysis
Cycles and Trends
Candle Patterns

Investing Real Time Commodities

Software training

Drawing tools

Commodity Stocks

Strategic development

Order types
Backtested strategies
Build a practical trading plan

Meet Chris Tubby

Crude Oil Trading

Lead Educator, Colmore FX

Chris is a London based financial markets educator with 40+ years trading and market making experience. He became a senior trader at the age of 22 and has gained extensive experience throughout his career trading at major European banks.

Course Pricing

We offer a number of futures trading courses to suit all levels of student

Two Day Course

Our two day live online course is fantastic for beginners to learn futures trading. Learn to analyse charts, identify trading opportunities and manage risk.

One Week Course

Online classroom sessions start weekly for beginners to intermediates. Understand how markets function and become a profitable trader.

Six Week Masterclass

This Six week Masterclass is the Ultimate trading package for One on One mentoring. Master the market with this professional course.


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At Colmore FX we educate traders with the goal of producing consistent returns. We have a solid track record of developing trader skills and providing ongoing support to achieve consistency.

Yes. We train all types of people, from complete beginners to more experienced traders.
Using virtual classroom technology we deliver live video feed of our instructors direct to your computer. This gives Colmore FX the ability to deliver high quality education all over the world. Please request a demo to see how immersive this techonology makes the learning experience.
The software component of trading is at the core of executing trades. Our software is very intuitive, students will have a full understanding of it’s features by the end of the course.

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Spread bets and CFDs are leveraged products and can result in losses that exceed deposits. Please ensure you fully understand the risks and take care to manage your exposure. Learn to trade