Meet the team

James Dunning

Co-Founder & Managing Director

James is the managing director and lead business developer for Colmore Fx. He embarked on his business career at the age of 17 starting a China wholesale import business. Later, James gained qualifications in real estate and moved into the Birmingham city centre property market, as an estate agent and property investment advisor. Whilst working in property, James gained invaluable experience working with high net worth individuals open to new investment angles. Around this time James explored trading foreign exchange and gained a solid education.

With a constant passion for tech and innovation, James felt the need to move away from property into an emerging technology field becoming a permanent and contract recruiter in cyber security. James built a respectable network within the technology industry and is highly skilled at sourcing niche talent and spotting future technology trends. This, coupled with his passion for markets, opened the opportunity to explore Cryptocurrency in 2014, where he became an early adopter.

The natural progression for James was to share his interest in trading by starting Colmore Fx with his co-founder. James is opportunistic and thrives on working with cutting edge technology with a market focus. He works daily with investors, clients and students to provide education around capital markets, whilst exploring future opportunities for the Colmore Fx Group.

Chris Tubby

Senior Trading Educator & Strategic Advisor

Chris is a leading London based, commodity and financial markets trading Expert with over 40 years experience. He became a senior trader at the age of 22 and has gained considerable experience across all asset classes (including crypto) throughout his 4 decades in the industry.

After beginning his career working for a major global commodity trading house, he moved into the financial markets and spent most of his trading career as an independent proprietary trader, and arbitrageur. He possesses extensive experience as a liquidity provider and market maker in multiple asset classes including for an Italian bank in Milan. He has also developed his own trading signal that has a high rate of success.

Chris consults to major exchanges and apart from trading, he spends much of his time passing on his passion of trading to help individuals understand how the markets operate and the variety of ways to trade and profit from different situations. He demonstrates how to manage risk, analyse markets using fundamental and technical analysis and teaches how to control the emotions experienced in trading.

In his spare time, he researches and studies reports looking for new opportunities within markets, as knowledge is key to success.

Petros Yiallouris

Trading Educator & Signals Manager

With over 5 years experience in the Forex Industry, Petros, is a professional Technical Analyst and Educator, of many variants of trading instruments. He started his career working at a Trading Education Centre, educating students globally on the basic principles of forex and day-trading strategies.

Petros is a day-trader with a strong personality, he has learnt to trade markets with a pure focus on price action. Petros believes this to be the ultimate indicator for speculative day trading. He is adept at keeping a close eye on daily fluctuations in Fiat and Cryptocurrency markets, analysing and executing trades with precise timing.

Petros enjoys working with students to help them meet their trading goals by providing daily trading signals. He follows a meticulous and concise plan taking into consideration risk management principles with a high level of discipline.

Petros’s in-depth knowledge of markets is perhaps only superseded by his willingness to develop and learn new strategies. Throughout his career, Petros has educated hundreds of students. He has guided them to follow a specific high accuracy trading strategy. He has educated all skill levels and personality types.

Francesco Dell’Agata

Editorial Manager

Francesco is the Editorial Manager and main content contributor at the Colmore Fx Group.

Francesco is an ambitious and creative technology oriented professional. He studied a Bachelor of Science in Business Computing and IT at Aston University. He is incredibly driven and passionate about technology, Blockchain, cryptocurrency applications and content writing.

Whilst at University, Francesco was involved in a number of projects. Firstly, he began providing pro-bono IT consulting services with Enactus Aston University for a local charitable foundation. Later he completed a one-year industrial placement abroad for a technology start-up which was later acquired by Eventbrite. His role involved business development and driving an international expansion strategy. He also participated in a global Blockchain competition organised by Atos, where he co-founded a digital transaction start-up. The project finished in the top 4 teams within the UK.

His professional career after University began in Financial Consulting at a Global Investment Bank. Shortly after, Francesco relocated to London and began working as a Business Consultant at a large London based consultancy firm where he is involved in a number of projects related to solution architecture design, emerging technology research, Blockchain and intelligent automation.

In this spare time, Francesco began consulting clients on Cryptocurrency investments by managing an investment portfolio and provided numerous educational sessions to a group of investors.

Francesco is a frequent content contributor on, having amassed over 300,000 views on his profile. In March 2018, he was awarded the "Top Writer" badge in the Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency topics. Following his contributions, he was ranked amongst the top 10 writers worldwide.

Francesco is aware of many future technology trends, but he is particularly knowledgeable in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency spaces. He firmly believes Blockchain will have a bright future.

Alexander James

Machine Learning & Algorithmic Trading

Alexander specialises in machine learning and algorithmic trading, with a heavy interest in concurrency and blockchain.

Alexander uses cutting edge ML techinques including deep learning, recurrent netural networks, reinforcement learning and gradient boosting to develop trading algorithms. He has a multidisciplinary approach, blending data science and state-of-the-art research to innovate solutions.

Alexander stays current with new developments in the ML industry by reading the latest research papers on Arxiv and attending meet-up groups and industry conferences.

Adam Rizvi

Partner & Cryptocurrency Advisor

A proud Mancuinion, Adam is a Business Partner in Coindex LTD (UK Cryptocurrency Mining Operation) and key Advisor for Blockchain and Cryptocurrency to Colmore Fx. Boasting over 8 Years in the Cryptocurrency industry.

Adam is the owner and Organiser of CoinFest, The Norths Biggest Crypto Event. A innovator within ICO's, Mining and Crypto Development.

He started as a IT Service Provider and Cybersecurity Contractor. In 2011 he launched a Cloud Service Business providing Servers Space, he quickly realised the potential with Cryptocurrency and wanted to turn what was a hobby into a business, thus, after only one year of running his Cloud Service Business, he transformed his Data Centre it into a Cryptocurrency Mining Service Provider.

Since then, Adam has always been at the bleeding edge of technology, he advises Investor, orginisations and those who have an interested in Mining, Blockchain and Crypto related projects. He has contacts globally, with a heavy presence in Canada & Europe where he notably project managed a roll out of a 400 Machine, Mining Operation.

Throughout his career, Adam has published 5 Information Technology related books and is currently writing one on Cryptocurrency. Adam is also involved in a Crypto Adoption Framework in Manchester. He is currently working with BTC POS to link back-end systems, auto-coverting Cryptocurrency to fiat.

A true ambassador of the Crypto field, Adams aspiration is to make Cryptocurrency mining energy efficient. Currently working with the Coindex Group to develop one of the UK's first Green-Energy Mines.

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